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The world of business law has become complex over the years as it touches upon many aspects of the law. Therefore, business executives need to rely on a “prime contractor” instead of using the services of multiple external counsels depending on the topics covered: company law, contract law, competition law, social law, corporate social responsibility, financing law, intellectual property law, corporate governance, etc.

Through its expertise in business, ALCINA Avocats is very close to business executives whose requests they can meet promptly. Through its founding partner Maître Philippe BLANCHET, ALCINA Avocats gives them the assurance of personalized attention. It provides them with solutions to whatever problems they may have. To do so, ALCINA Avocats relies on both its long-standing expertise in business and its varied and proven network.



Maître Philippe Blanchet

Attorney at law Marseilles Bar

3, place Félix Baret

+33 (0)6 50 26 96 26

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