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Philippe Blanchet

Founding Partner

Maître Philippe BLANCHET, a member of the Marseilles Bar, has over thirty years of experience as a corporate lawyer and then as General Counsel. He is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and has a wide range of international expertise.

He began his legal career at Technip and then joined SNPE. Later he worked the France Telecom Group where he was appointed General Counsel in several entities (Consumer, Corporate, International, FCR, Sofrecom), before becoming General Counsel of the Orange Group.

He then joined the Paris Bar in 2007 as a correspondent for the American law firm Thompson & Knight LLP.

Maître Philippe BLANCHET moved to Marseilles and joined the shipping company CMA CGM in 2006 as Group General Counsel with Mr. Jacques R. SAADE for more than seven years. He was then Group General Counsel for 5 years of the Marseilles success story WIKO, which imports and markets mobile telephony products.

Maître Philippe BLANCHETis a graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and holds one-year post-graduate Degree in Business Law from The Paris University (DEA de Droit des Affaires.)

Tel. +33 (0)6 50 29 96 29





Maître Philippe Blanchet

Attorney at law Marseilles Bar

3, place Félix Baret

+33 (0)6 50 26 96 26

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