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Why not experiment with timeshare legal department

Timeshare legal department

The timeshare legal department provides business executives with the flexibility of external advice and the assurance of local expertise similar to that of a company’s internal lawyers.

Thanks to different billing methods (hourly rates, fixed rates/flat fees, success and contingency fees), tailor-made intervention methods (punctual, by subscription, fixed monthly or weekly, etc.) and the guarantee of Maître Philippe BLANCHET’s personal intervention, business executives fully controls their budget and the type of legal collaboration sought.

Legal function organisation



Legal strategy


Timeshare legal department



Crisis management

Litigation's prevention and management

IP portfolio management (trademarks, patents, etc...)

Why ?

Legal issues that require experience and expertise

Securing the development of the company

Meeting specific or longer-term needs without hiring a full-time professional

Benefiting from the expertise of a senior lawyer with an independent, new and objective viewpoint

Facing trend reverseal, emergency or crisis situations

How ?

Long-term partnerships or one-time project management missions: from one day/month to three days/week

Time-based pricing on a daily rate basis at a competitive and controlled cost (reduced overhead, no intermission charges, freedom to terminate the contract on short notice)

Personal involvement of Maître Philippe Blanchet in direct and permanent contact with business executives

Integration into the client's team



Maître Philippe Blanchet

Attorney at law Marseilles Bar

3, place Félix Baret

+33 (0)6 50 26 96 26

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